G21 Fitness


Dr. Sarah Long, DNP, FNB-CP

Health Optimization

and Athletic Acceleration

G21 Fitness is proud to partner with Dr Sarah Long to provide holistic, comprehensive lifestyle coaching at G21 Fitness. Dr Long is bringing her medical and holistic model of care to the next level focusing on health optimization and athletic acceleration.

Dr Sarah Long is a local primary health care provider (family board certified) in Fort Lauderdale. She has spent years researching the best available scientific evidence to develop methods to help my patients optimally manage and reverse chronic diseases, reduce the need for and dependency on pharmaceutical drugs, achieve ideal body weight, and maximize physical fitness through comprehensive lifestyle changes.

Empowering individuals to reach their healthiest, best life is my great passion and privilege.” – Dr. Long

Free Consultation includes a 15-minute introduction call to get you on the right Wellness program.

G21 Wellness Journey

Being healthy means being informed.

Each service is available for in-person visit at G21 Fitness or video chat visits.

Initial Consultation

1 Hour

Your initial assessment establishes your goals, challenges, current health status, risk factors, daily habits, and program action plan.

To make the most of your initial assessment, we recommend that you come prepared with the following:

Think about your goals, struggles/stressors, concerns, and daily life patterns. For example:

Diagnostic Review

45 minutes

At your diagnostic visit, we will review any testing or diagnostics and refine and advance nutritional plans, supplementation (and/or prescription therapy), and daily habits. The goal is for you to achieve confidence and control over your health outcomes.

Follow-up Visits

30 minutes

At each progressive interval, we will set the bar higher, assess and adapt strategy, and reaffirm intention and focus. During this journey, committing to investing in yourself and engaging in supportive and affirming self-care will be essential.

Total Health Optimization Starter Pack

5 visits

This excellent starter package includes all three services above with three additional follow-up visits.

Enhance your Results

Genomic Analysis

If you’ve had DNA tested with 23andMe® and Ancestry®, Dr Long will unlock more indepth information about your genes, nutrition and Wellness.

Supplement Review

Dr Long can assess your current supplements and vitamins and help you decide which ones may help you manage conditions and live an optimal life.